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The Fiji Embassy in Addis Ababa celebrated its first Fiji National Day at the Elilly Hotel on Monday 10 October 2016. The chief guest was Director General Ato Genet Teshome, Head of the Asia/Oceania Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Tikoitoga, in his address, mentioned that the placement of Fiji’s embassy in Addis Ababa was “a conscious decision of the Government of Fiji in light of the increasing importance of Ethiopia to the geopolitical landscape of the continent in particular and Africa in general to international affairs.” He added that Fiji was in Ethiopia as a friend and partner to development. He also said that Fiji offered Africans a choice destination for leisure, investments or entrepreneurial partnership in business. In mentioning the damaging impact of climate change in the Pacific, Ambassador Tikoitoga called on the international community to take responsibility in implementing the decisions made at the Paris Agreement in 2015 to ensure the survival and continued existence of small island states.


Ambassador Tikoitoga (centre) and Director General Ato (Mr) Genet Teshome on his left with other HOMs cutting the celebration cake.

The mission displayed brochures on tourism as well as Fijian artifacts, Fiji Water and Island Chill bottles, Pure Fiji spa products, bottles of Fiji rum and cans of Fiji Bitter and Fiji Gold while a video clip showcasing Fiji’s tourist destinations and culture was seen by guests during the event.

As expected, the Pure Fiji spa products and Fiji Water caught the attention of guests and hotel staff alike with inquiries being received by staff on where they could be purchased.

Highlights of the event were when mission staff and families sung the Fiji National Anthem and later, during the reception, dependents of the diplomatic staff performed 2 Pasifika dance items.



Staff and families of the Fiji Embassy, Addis Ababa in their ‘kalavata’ for the Fiji Day celebrations.


Fijian youths doing the hula in Pasifika style.






Addis Ababa


Suva, Fiji