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Questions & Answers


1.Who can get a passport?


 Fiji citizens only


2. Who needs to fill out this passport application form?


 The applicant or any matured/literate persons


3.What documents do I need to send with this application?

  • Duly completed passport application form Two [2] recent coloured passport size photo
  • Original birth certificate
  • Original Marriage Certificate for females who wants to use their husband’s surname.
  • Deed Poll papers and new birth certificate if you have changed your name
  • ID card as follows
  • FNPF card (if applicant is employed)
  • Valid Driving License
  • Student ID card or recent school letter (if applicant is a student)
  • Water bill for local residence
  • Statutory Declaration Form (Applicant’s without any form of ID or lost/mutilated valid passport)
  • Police Report (Lost Valid passport)
  • Fiji citizenship Naturalization or Registration Certificates Adoption papers (Old and New original birth certificates)
  • Death Certificate if applicable
  • Divorce Papers if applicable

4. Processing Time?


 Standard service

 The standard time to process an application is about 21 days.

 Urgent Service

 The urgent processing of an application is one working day from the day received by the Fiji Immigration Department.


5. How much will it cost?


 Total cost for each application:

 Standard Service $76.00

 Urgent Service $190.00

 Renewal of Passport - $76.00

 Urgent Renewal of Passport - $190.00

 Valid Mutilated/Lost - $190.00

 Urgent valid mutilated/lost - $304.00

 Certificate of Identity $140.00

 Emergency Passport - $190.00

 These fees to be confirmed


6. How long is the passport valid for?


 Standard and Diplomatic passport - Ten [10] years from the date of issue.
  Emergency and Certificate of Identity – One [1] year


7. What if my passport is full,expired or mutilated?


If your passport is full, expired or mutilated then you need to attach the old passport together with relevant documents as listed in item number 3 above.


8. What if my passport has been lost or stolen?


If your passport has been lost or stolen but still valid and if you require a replacement passport complete an application form, attach police report, a statutory declaration declaring where, when and how the passport got lost, original birth certificate and photo identity.


9. Who can act as a witness?


 1. Justice of Peace  

 2. A witness should:

  1. Complete section 22 of the application form in his/her handwriting.
  2. Same witnessing person to certify one photograph by writing full name of the applicant on the back of the photo and sign [Signature on the form and behind the photo should be the same].
  3. provide his/her telephone contact number and also a copy of his/her identity card for those who do not have any form of identity.

 3. A witness should not:

be a close relative of the applicant
be a partner of the applicant
live at the same address as the applicant

Retiree or unemployed


10. Photographs


 Please provide 2 identical passport photos of yourself. The photos should be:

  1. Most recent photos, less than 6 months old
  2. Full front view of face, head and shoulders only
  3. Without hats, head covering or head bands unless if you are required to wear it for religious or medical reasons
  4. Without sunglasses. Eye glasses is accepted as long as eyes are clearly visible
  5. A true image and not altered in any way
  6. Clear sharp and focus
  7. With a plain light coloured background
  8. On photographic type paper without jewelries that can obscure or alter facial features
  9. Approximately 50mm x 40mm in size

11. How do I apply for a Passport
for a Child?


 For passport applications a child is a person under 16 years of age. Children are now required to have their own passport.
  To apply for a child’s passport:

  1. Complete the application form by filling in the section applicable to 16 years old and below
  2. Fill out a declaration form giving consent to the issue of such passport

If consent is given by the child’s guardian ie someone who is not their parent then documentary proof of guardianship issued by the court or an original copy of a parents will appointing the person as guardian and the parents death certificate.


12. For further enquiries?


If you have any questions about filling in the application form or you have any difficulties in completing it, please contact the Fiji Embassy on:

(+251) 1155 77305-7


Addis Ababa


Suva, Fiji